Apron production

- Dec 06, 2017-

1. material: a discarded shirt.

Need: back, collar, about buckle part, pocket, button 2.

Production steps: 1. cut back.

2. cut the collar. The left and right buckles should also be cut off.

3. ironed collar. Turn over and iron, let the old one in.

4. all the other cuts are ironed.

5. fold back, and then in the side draw such a line. Then cut the extra part around the line outside the line 1CM. (a cut in the folded state)

6. after cutting out the appearance.

7. sew the edge of the place that has just been cut.

8. cut the two buckles into the same wide strip and stitch the edges.

9. put on the collar without the corner of the buttonhole and 6 ready right back Brad together, when sewing buttons together with nails.

10. left directly to sew the button onto him.

11. the left by the original collar button holes, nail buttons on the 10 button on it.

12. of the 2 bands in 7 are sewn on the left and right sides of the body.

13. seams on the pocket.

14. finally do some of your favorite decorations are OK.