How to choose bathroom shower curtain

- Dec 06, 2017-

The advantage of the shower curtain is that it has two sides: one side can be waterproof, the other can add design elements to the bathroom. How to choose shower curtain is very important. At this time, a suitable and beautiful shower curtain is needed. But what kind of shower curtain is suitable? Shower curtain is generally divided into three parts: curtain body, shower curtain rod and hook. Also some shower curtain is directly suspended in the ceiling mode, but this is not a common situation.

Bath curtain rods are often used in our daily life. As we all know, a good shower curtain rod is very necessary in bathroom. Good bathing environment is for everyone.

Selection of material for shower curtain rod

First of all, the material of the shower curtain rod must be waterproof and corrosion resistant. Stainless steel is the first choice. No one wants to have its own rust stains in two days.  Secondly, according to the actual situation of their own home bathroom, if the shower area only two walls, such as your home is installed in the corner of the rain, the shower curtain rod can only choose the kind of circular steel tube is fixed on the wall, choose the shower curtain rod arc, with screws, so that not only can leave enough space for bathing. Also save a portion of the outer space. This kind of fixed arc steel has a disadvantage is due to uneven stress, a long time easy to loose, if the three sides have the shower wall, such as your home is a long bath, more important is: shower curtain rod with a bulging top line in the two bar "on the wall with a bath curtain rod straight more convenient, selection of screw line, the expansion rod line, expansion rod has a benefit, can be flexible, limitation of small lot, but good stability without screw fixation.

What's the good material for the shower curtain?

Polyester is very common, but the hydrophobicity is not very good. After water, it is easy to stick on the body. It feels like the polyester sport clothes, which stick on the body after sweating. A piece of polyester fabric can be made in a small workshop. PEVA is very popular at the moment, because the direct machine is formed and the whole sense is good. Moreover, after adding inhibitor can effectively inhibit the growth of mold, clean. PVC is more complex, the ordinary PVC bath curtain price is very low, the quality of the general, taste very large, but the quality is good. But. The low halogen PVC will be more expensive than the PVEA, and the taste will be much smaller.