How to know the quality of a raincoat is good or bad

- Dec 06, 2017-

It may rain in half a day, 365 days in a year, so standing a raincoat is very necessary for us.

Since the raincoat is so important to us, it is very important to buy a good raincoat. What are the ways to identify it?

1. to see the raincoat brand, the famous brand name of the natural quality of the raincoat are guaranteed.

2., next is to look at the source of raincoat. If the wholesale raincoat comes from the good channel, such as the raincoat of the supermarket, or the wholesale raincoat on the Internet, the quality will be much better.

3. the raincoat bought back is generally thicker and more durable.

4. the waterproof coating inside the raincoat is rubbed back and forth. If there is no white trace, it shows that the quality of the raincoat is good.