How to sort the table cover cleaning

- Dec 06, 2017-

Before washing, it must be classified according to different materials. PVC tablecloth can be divided into pure cotton, silk, wool, chemical fiber and so on. The color can be divided into white, light, dark, and black, also according to need according to dirty and degree is divided into general dirty, dirty, dirty and special class three, don't wash together, so as to avoid a color or stain, and particularly dirty PVC Dongguan cloth, some are subject to special treatment in advance, then the normal washing process.

Cotton fabric; cotton fabric is soft, knead will crumble, put a piece of cotton after tearing, out of a line, the broken fibers are generally not loose, with fire will burn quickly and produce blue and yellow flame, like burning like odor, less ash, ash not soft, pale grey.

Cotton fabric to alkali and high temperature in washing, but the color of cotton fabric is with high alkali and high temperature washing, to avoid bleaching, but can not use chlorine bleach, can only use low alkali detergent or oxygen bleach bleach wash. The shrinkage of pure cotton fabric is large, it is easy to crepe after washing, and it is also easily mouldy under wet conditions, so it should be washed in time and properly stored.

Linen Tablecloth; linen fabric is easy to distinguish, the appearance of crisp, feel hard, fiber lines is obvious, and there is some space and knot, feel thick. The flax burns quickly, produces blue and yellow flame, releases the smell like grass burning, ash is less, ash is at the end, and the color is pale gray and white.

Wool fabric; in addition to wool fabric, there are a variety of blended fabric and wool fabric for high-quality varieties, feel warm and comfortable, good elasticity, Hikaruzawa Youwa, surface smooth, smooth and soft, knead not wrinkle. Wool fabric on fire with fire will not only burn the yarn rolled up, a strong feather smell, no ash, pure wool fabrics are protein fibers, with high alkali high temperature washing, not washing, dry cleaning should be. If wool blended fabric is washed with water, neutral detergent should also be used at low temperature (usually below 50 degrees Celsius). It is also not suitable for high-speed dehydration, but it should be dehydrated at moderate speed and low temperature.

Silk fabrics; silk fabric lustre is particularly good, soft and delicate, smooth, feel cool, quickly burning with fire, fire, burning huddled after odor, into a black ball, gently pinch and crushing.

Silk fabrics are protein fibers, high alkaline, high temperature and friction will be destroyed, adding a small amount of vinegar or acetic acid washing in the last time of water, can improve the silk fabric and silk wool, silk fabric after washing is not dry under high temperature or under strong sunlight dry, otherwise it will affect the gloss and strength if the home, iron, nor the temperature is too high.

Chemical fiber fabric; fabric of high gloss, smoothness, but hard, easy to crumble, burning faster, there is a small amount of odor and dust. Chemical fiber fabric can withstand alkali, but not high temperature, to control the temperature of 60 degrees centigrade, and can not be in the strong sun under the sun, so as to avoid the crisp.

When washing chemical fiber fabrics, it is better to use three generic powders plus an emulsifier plus chlorine bleaching agent, heating up to 60 degrees Celsius, adding a small amount of oxygen bleaching agent, or adding second times of water, adding proper neutralizer will achieve the desired washing effect.