Shower curtain rod material selection

- Dec 06, 2017-

The shower curtain rod refers to the telescopic support rod used to hang the shower curtain. It is easy to use, cheap and convenient to replace. General for the inner and outer tube structure is a small tube (inner tube) into a tube (outer tube), the buckle, spring or screw to hold the shower curtain rod, and then hung on the shower curtain, is the ideal dwelling era, narrow space and solves the problem of flying spray.

The shower curtain rod on the market the main materials include stainless steel, Aluminum Alloy, the two is the application of more material, because of their resistance to corrosion and wear, durability, and good waterproof performance, followed by iron electroplating or spray, plastic material, stainless steel, Aluminum Alloy material because the hardware is expensive, therefore many people prefer the latter, especially iron material, no matter what material, if used properly, the general service life is very long.