Shower curtain size selection

- Dec 06, 2017-

The size of the shower curtain is generally related to the length, width and thickness. The shower curtain width to the actual width and larger part of the bath curtain is good, can give the curtain. Extending the space can also cut off the water well.

The size of the shower curtain, in addition to the size of the bathroom, also needs to consider the family's mood. If two couples live in a cabin, it is recommended to choose a semi transparent and light weight bath curtain. The width of the shower curtain is the same, and the length and length is about 3CM away from the ground. This will increase family harmony.

Ordinary small families, the wide height of the shower curtain should be practical. For example, if the width of your bathroom is 1.5M, the width of the shower curtain is recommended to be 1.7M. If the height is recommended, it is recommended that 1-2CM be removed from the floor, so that it can extend the bath curtain very well. Bath curtain size should not be too large, so it is easy to tread on wrestling, easy to rub dirty.

The shower curtain thickness should not be too thick that the bathroom is 1.5 enclosed space, people need a large amount of oxygen, and the bath water is hot, it is easy to accumulate heat, long time in hypoxia dizziness easily lead to this semi closed hot environment, and the shower curtain is too thick not easy to dry, easy to mold rancid. So the thickness of the shower curtain in 0.1-0.15MM can be, air permeability and waterproof are better.