Shower curtain with tips

- Dec 06, 2017-

1. the shower curtain is not complicated pattern, but like a silhouette like black flowers, purple flower collocation, can give people a mysterious and romantic feeling.

2. showy yellow and purple flowers as a shower curtain, so that the bathroom is more rich and expensive.

The 3. bath curtain is best not to exceed three main colors. The color is too much and too much. If you look at your eyes for a long time, you will feel uncomfortable. There must be some gaps between the pictures. If the curtain has large background, your eyes will be comfortable, and the bathroom space will be comfortable.

The collocation of shower curtain and space style

The 1. choice for the shower curtain itself and bathroom with style, the best is elegant with complex. The rich picture and color shower curtain can expand the sight, add the scene element for the bathroom, especially for white or simple style bathroom decoration. While the color is simple and refined shower curtain, suitable for decorative color and miscellaneous color bathroom, shower curtain can play a simple space balance effect, especially the vertical stripes, stripes shower curtain can be extended line of sight, so that complicated vision becomes a single focus.

2. bathroom towels, curtains, bath curtain color should be unified, thus forming a harmonious and comfortable bathroom space.

In 3. has been around the white bathroom, with simple white curtains collocation, fresh and elegant feeling will play to the extreme, then just that white is to give people a comfortable clean feeling.