Bath Curtain Yellow How To Deal With

- Dec 06, 2017-

Canvas or cotton cord like other cotton fabrics, washed with hot soapy water to wash and iron. Most of the shower curtain only needs to be dried. It is difficult to remove mildew, usable light bleach wash test, and dry. If you have a washing machine, you can put the shower curtain in the washing machine and add eight 4 cups of vinegar to the washing machine after a night. This method is not only to sterilize, but also to neutralize all the dirt, but also to save the trouble of washing the shower curtain.

1, roll up the shower curtain, the lower end of the mildew seriously close into a bundle.

2. Put the curly curtains in the curly Mexico chicken into the basin and prepare to soak and disinfect and bleach

3, 84 disinfectant soak can be bleached to mould stains. The contact disinfectant suggests wearing gloves, or the skin will dehydrate. 84 disinfectant water: 1:10~1:5 about yourself, a little high concentrations of rinsing effect is obvious, we only to "net content" sign, I used. Directly on the shower curtain, add a small amount of water, the mold occupies 84 of the high concentration. Soak 5~10 minutes to find that the water turns yellow and black, and longer can be.

4, wear gloves and rub the moldy place for a moment. Clean with clean water and clear the water. 5, bath curtain dry, very quickly, blow dry for about half an hour. White, nothing.