Raincoat Maintenance And Cleaning To Be Decided

- Dec 06, 2017-

When the raincoat is used up, it is better to dry it in the shade and dry it in the cool place, so it can not be exposed to the sun in the sun.

Rubber raincoat maintenance decision

1. The storage method of rubber raincoat

The collection of rubber raincoat, the newspaper lining in the mezzanine, or sprinkle a layer of powder and then fold, such a long storage time is not binding.

2. The removal of the odor of rubber raincoat

When the rubber raincoat has the odor, the hydrogen peroxide can be soaked in the raincoat, and the odor will disappear after drying.

Plastic raincoat maintenance decision

1, plastic raincoat wrinkle method

There is a slight wrinkle on the raincoat, which can be hung on the hanger to make it natural and smooth. If the wrinkle is tight, the raincoat can be soaked in the hot water at 70 degrees or so for 2 minutes. After being removed, it will be flattened on the flat plate, then dry up the water mark, and then it will be leveled again. Be careful not to pull hard.

2. Adhesive mending of plastic raincoat

Plastic raincoat rupture, can be the first break aligned, covered with a piece of paper and glass, hot iron on it several times, each time not under pressure is too long, so that the glass paper not burned, and then glued the plastic below. The hole, you can use the same plastic cloth cut into the hole a little larger than a square or round, cover the hole above, then covered with glass paper, you can fill in the same heating method.