Remove The Oil Stains On The Table Cover

- Dec 06, 2017-

1, the first cloth pollution partly immersed in 60 hot water, a moment out, sprinkle a small amount of alkali powder and the same amount of washing powder, hand scrub. Rinse with clean water and wash it again with washing powder.

2, the soap is chopped with boiling water rushed after, will put the soap in the wash cloth.

3, take a little flour to make paste with cold water, apply it in the reverse side of the oil, and remove the flour in the sun and remove the oil.

4, with mung bean powder coated on the thick oil, and then use the electric iron while hot oil is removed.

In 5, smear positive and negative pad a piece of blotting paper, go to a page and then press the hot soup, scrub.

6, boiled carrot juice, rubbing.

7, with straw ash or ash in oil on the Beanstalk shop, covered with white paper, to dust after a night with hot water pressure, scrub, can.