Shower Curtain Rod Classification

- Dec 06, 2017-

It can be divided into non tool and screw fixed type, and can also be divided into telescopic rod and combined rod.

Tool free type

The tool free type is also divided into internal buckle screw rotary and spring type.

Internal buckle screw type: pull to the specified distance to lock the inner and outer tubes by eccentricity, and then rotate the screw of the inner tube so that it can be tightened.

Spring type: through the stamping process of the spring is fixed on the inner tube, the pull out of the distance is longer than the distance required, then slammed the inner tube onto the outer tube can withstand.

Screw fixation

The screw type has become a combination of rod, is used in the corner or just contact to a mast, can through the parts into L type, U type, and then fixed on the wall by screws. The size of the general composition is 90*90*90cm, 90*170cm.