Shower Curtain Rod Installation Precautions

- Dec 06, 2017-

1, the shower area is best able to achieve three sides have a wall, more important is: shower curtain rod with a bulging top line in the two bar "on wall. What is the expansion rod, "expansion bar" is a telescopic pipe, a screw plug on both sides, is fixed, Xiaobian describe very general. If you are going to use a shower curtain, you'd better go to the building materials market in advance. The maximum load expansion is generally 20 kg bar ", can take a bath towel, and bulging stalks can shift," whenever and wherever possible replacement, very convenient.

2, if the shower area has two sides and walls, the shower curtain pole can only choose the circular steel tube to be fixed on the wall. There is a disadvantage of the fixed circular steel tube. It is because of the uneven force and long time, it is easy to loose. The width of water retaining bar of natural stone generally has three sizes: 3 cm, 5 cm and 6 cm, and 5 cm for Xiaobian family. There are two sizes in height, 1 cm and 1.8 cm, and Xiaobian household 1.8 cm. Someone likes to install and install the water retaining bar. Actually, it is not necessary. 1.8 centimeters are enough. If the water surface reaches 1.8 centimeters, the floor drain has not been drained away. That's not the problem of water retaining strip, but the problem of floor drain.

3, if we first lay bricks on the ground and then block the water bar, the glass glue of the fixed water retaining strip will need 24 hours to silicate. The responsible workers will advise you not to let the glass glue attract water within 48 hours, so that the students in the future will have to prepare for the next two days without bathing.

4, the height of the shower curtain rod installation is 1 - 2 centimeters from the floor height of the shower curtain. The lower swing is better not to drag the floor, easy to rub the dirty, sometimes accidentally step on the foot still easily tear the shower curtain. The installation height of the shower curtain rod determines the height of the shower curtain. When buying the shower curtain, we must first determine the width and height of the shower curtain according to the size of the shower area. The height of the shower curtain in the market is more than 180 centimeters, enough, and it is not necessary to buy 2 meters high.