The Advantages Of Polyester Shower Curtain

- Dec 06, 2017-

The word of pet I believe we are not unfamiliar, believe that there are quite a few friends probably through the clothes made of polyester fabric, regardless of whether you have passed through, in the memory of my childhood had been through, remember it in the palm of the hand to smooth feel, so everyone on the polyester curtain and how much more

Pet shower curtain orchid blossoming with silky luster and feel warm, bright color printing. Hanging permeability, good smoothness, hanging in the bathroom is not light but also antibacterial mouldproof. Strong sense of sagging. And waterproof performance, machine washable cloth, unlike the plastic shower curtain is not brittle after the disposal process, the appearance, feel fine, silky satin.

Polyester bath curtain has high grade polyester fabric, non PVC, good waterproof fabric precision, durable. The family bathroom is Jiapin essential. Durable, not hardened, no smell, machine washable, can be used to isolate the tub or shower space, avoid water splashing; winter can keep temperature tub or shower room

In addition, the fabric is made of soft material, visual brilliance, feel beautiful and generous!! for ordinary star hotel. Special strip and star leading fashion. Make your home more fashionable. Enjoy the president like treatment. The waterproof coating fabric, when the water bath curtain will encounter smooth and, without a trace even if the problem is, a long time can not bathe.