Waterproof Apron Cleaning Methods

- Dec 06, 2017-

1, usual washing can be hand washed, also machine washable, using alkaline detergent;

2, washing temperature depends on cotton color. Usually the best water temperature is 40~50 degrees. The water temperature of bright or dark colored products should not be too high. If the overskirt is too high, the apron will wrinkle easily, and the washing time should not be too long, so as not to fade. White cotton can be cooked to wash the sweat.  Cotton products with perspiration is not easy to avoid high temperature washing, perspiration in the coagulating protein adhesion on the fiber, which appeared yellow spot;

3, if the waterproof apron is stained with paint stains, you need to use kerosene or turpentine to wipe off the stains.

4, the ventilation and cool place to dry the waterproof apron, can not be exposed to the sun.

In 5, ironing waterproof apron, may be appropriate to wet, it is easier to iron out.

In short, sometimes we seem to be a tiny thing. In fact, its cleaning solution is very particular. Oh, waterproof apron is such an example. Only when we do such a cleaning method, can it extend its service life.