What Material Shower Curtain Is Good

- Dec 06, 2017-

The bath curtain is divided into 2 major categories, one is textile, the other is plastic, the other is wooden, and so on. It is very rare!

Plastic bath curtain at present material is EVA, PEVA and PVC three materials.

PEVA and EVA belong to environmental protection materials. EVA is the best and the most high-grade new environment-friendly material. It has no smell, soft and smooth, and has a certain sense of elasticity.

PEVA is PE and EVA polymer, is the environmental protection material, no smell, good hand feeling smooth, the content of EVA determines the feel and drape, the higher content of EVA vertical feeling better and more heavy and more hard, more light;

PVC transparency is good, strong and durable, good sag, feel general. The soft hardness changes with the temperature change, and the low temperature PVC material will become harder. The square gram weight of PVC is the highest in the three materials. There will be a faint taste in itself. In fact, take it out and hang it. After a period of time, the smell will fade away. Some printing shower curtain only uses PVC to make the effect, so some special style will choose PVC material.

Environmental protection / shower curtain textile odor (of course, small factories substandard goods cannot be guaranteed, because the coating is also chemical material), but because of the different waterproof effect (and process related materials, curtain cloth itself does not need to do waterproof, waterproof coating in surface science, technology standard and some small factory workshops not so, the waterproof effect is not good, easy to cause the shower curtain is not waterproof and mildew), even if it is also big factory brand shower curtain cloth, wash several times more waterproof coating also will be exhausted. So the waterproof of the textile bath curtain does not have a good plastic, but it is more resistant to high temperature than the plastic.